Modern Data Center

Modern Data Center

Our superior quality, state of the art, technologically advanced and highly efficient IT services and solutions are aimed at making the organization and management of your company easier, simpler, better regulated and functionally efficient. Our permanent, highly effective and ongoing IT solutions come with no strings attached or any hidden costs, and serve to ensure that you are reaping maximum benefit and utility from your computer and information technology infrastructure.

Our highly beneficial, cost-effective and reliable IT solutions ensure that all your business is well-organized, all your highly prioritized tasks are well-regulated and all repetitive tasks are efficiently handled without any extra effort or resources being spent. Our IT solutions work wonders on the productivity and efficiency of your business, and ensure that no time is wasted, productivity is not slowed down while allowing you to work in a comfortable, secure and progressive workspace.

Storage Solutions

Our Storage solutions make sure of Availability, scalability, efficiency and data protection. We work with the vendor that better fit the need of your organization. Some of our partner are: EMC, NetApp, Dell, and Brocade.


Take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization and maximizes the server hardware investments by consolidating your servers as virtual machines on a single physical host.

We provide superior quality, highly effective and progressively efficient virtualization solutions with the use of highly recommended and leading virtualization software that include VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions

Have you ever thought of what happens in case a disaster happens? A disaster such as a hard disk failure, or a hard disk crash or any other? If you haven’t, let us tell you. You may lose all of your data and work in a second. That’s what we call a disaster to, or a catastrophe because indeed it is. Hours and hours of work may be lost in a second and then a recovery is many times not available.

Worry not. In our company we provide effective and reliable backup solutions as well as disaster recovery services, all you have to do is start this service now. We will ensure that in case of a catastrophe, your data and work are secure at a safe place so that you can get it back at a convenient time.

Allow our company to gain your trust, you will not regret. We have a team of high qualified specialists in the field working full time on providing the best and fastest solutions to all IT companies. We have the service you are looking for and we will make sure that it is offered and delivered to you in an optimized manner.

In Intelligent Systems Solutions we assist our customers to reach their strategic objectives, at the same time our company:

Protect all their important information.

Provide efficiency with On-Demand IT Support Services at a Competitive Level.

We are focused on developing specific solutions. Thus, we start with a feasibility study and adherent projects to the predefined specifications.

Our Goal is Aimed at the Client’s Needs

Our goal is providing you with:

  • A complete guidance on what you choose.
  • The integration and implementation of all the IT solutions requested. For the consolidation of your IT Infrastructure.

A Specialized IT Team

Thanks to our specialized technicians, engineers and IT leaders working on our side we offer you the greatest:

  • Solutions and,
  • Computer services.

Our solutions are cost-effective and economically sustainable.

  • We bring a programmed tech plan on your requested specifications.
  • We undertake the management of the IT Programs.
  • We define with you the “response and action times” on the basis of your demands. By giving personalized top-level services.

Efficient On-Site Services

Our systematic technicians are always available for giving our customers efficient services regarding:

  • Desk hardware and software help.
  • Systematic and generic support. For a programmed and updated hardware and software platform maintenance.
  • Ultimate software installations and migrations.

The Best Support for your Business Growth

The impact you get on the results may be decisive. Our mission is to stay with you on each stage giving you the best of the Technical Assistance for your Business Growth.

We help all kind of company, from the big and complex ones to the smallest on:

  • IT Infrastructure and projects that really works. From the computer base to the applicative systems.
  • Premium software.
  • The security of your digital information and IT systems.
  • Online Assistance.
  • On-site Personal Guidance.

Hardware Maintenance

If you need help with broken hardware systems, no need to worry! We take care of:

  • The server and storage maintenance.
  • The backup unit and,
  • Networking complex.

At Intelligent Systems Solutions we give you a pre-diagnosis of the PCs problems. Whether the issue is related to the hardware or the networking.

You can relax because we make sure of the continuity of your work with the aid of a substitute unit.

At Intelligent Systems Solutions we offer a Complete Solutions for your Collaboration Project to meet our customers’ needs. With a consistent user experience:

Available anywhere, Easy to administer and, Simple to integrate with other applications of the company, workflows, and network.

Email Services

Our clients enjoy of:

  • An incorporated email and domain name.
  • Anti-spam functions and anti-virus.
  • Protected emails thanks to a vanguard technology, that is constantly updated in an automatic way. It may be sent via IMAP or POP.

We control all the services from a centralized unique panel. You can combine it with other internet and connectivity tools.

Unified Communications

Our certified IT team design, implement and handle a complete interactive network environment for:

  • Increasing the collaboration, the growth, the productivity and flexibility of your enterprise.
  • Having an easy administration on Unified Communications for the IT departments.
  • Fulfilling the customer’s needs. By providing a clear software management and hosting to get the greatest results.
  • Cost-effective performance.

Our services support you on the key network systems through the innovation. You get competitive advantages:

  • Enabling new consolidated capacities in communication at any moment and place.
  • Optimizing your network connection. We combine the experience of our trained IT experts and the business methods with the ultimate in:
  1. Platform and,
  2. Process management.

Core Messaging Infrastructure

It is based on an integrated platform with designed messaging components. It works together to offer:

  1. Consistency and,
  2. The best tech in all the product range included in the collaboration project.

Trust your internet applications and messages to us:

  • We provide a security infrastructure. It is proportional to the hardware and software of the Organization.

At Intelligent Systems Solutions we protect:

  1. The functioning operations.
  2. The computer data.
  3. Network information including the digital messages. For a private and reliable configuration, that avoids the onsite service interruption.

You may also update the technological solutions to:

  • Solve any operative problem and,
  • Avoid thefts, corruption, and loss of digital certifications.